Two Starwolfs

The F-1400 Starwolf is a Class 1 Flexwing Astro Fighter used by Starcom.


The smallest of the U.S. Space Force vehicles, the F-1400 is a quick-strike attack fighter equipped with sophisticated electronic early-warning and navigation equipment. Exceptional acceleration enables the Microfighter to get close to its target and still make a safe getaway. Very effective on low-flying missions where the terrain- mapping radar "reads" the topography, allowing the F-1400 close flight near mountains, cliffs and other protection (Starcom Bible).


Standard Cargo Module configuration allows long range transport by Starmax to battlesites for tactical raids. Wings and nosecone double as shields to protect the pilot should he be shot down. Canard nosecone and triple-tiered, low drag flex-wings lock into position; high-energy lasers rotate 210 degrees to shoot front and rear (Starcom Bible).

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