For the TV series , see Starcom: The U.S. Space Force.

Starcom Icons

The U.S. Flag and the icons of the three major Battle groups: Starbase Command, Astro Marines and Star Wing.

Starcom is the primary defensive force of the U.S.. A cooperative effort of Starbase Command, Star Wing, and the Astro Marines Starcom is the premier peacekeeping force in the growing planetary community. The main obstacle to this peaceful endeavor is a sinister despot known as Emperor Dark, who commands an army of humans and robots known as Shadow Force. Dark's ultimate plan is to rule the solar system in the mad belief that everyone would benefit from his dictatorship.

On top of the conflict, evidence of ancient intelligent life was discovered on Mars. It is believed that this long lost race known only as the Builders hold secrets of untold knowledge and incredible power, and should Emperor Dark learn their secrets, he could gain an incredible edge in his quest for system-wide domination.


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