The Shadowbat is a class of warship used by Shadow Force to make long-range deployments of combat forces. It can carry two fighters on its wings, and has a belly-mounted cargo bay that can hold one cargo pod or ground vehicle, as well as an area for six ground troops. On its own, it is a fairly powerful fast-attack aerospace craft.

Technical Profile

Name: Shadowbat
Type: Battle Cruiser
Attack Force: Starmada
Commander: Maj. Klag (Pilot)
Crew: Sgt. Ramor (Weapons Master), 6 attack troops
Mission Profile: Long-range strategic attack; Vehicle, cargo and troop transport and deployment; tactical attack using high-powered laser, electromagnetic pulse and thermal ray weaponry.

Attack Mode

Closes for attack and maximum light-warp speeds over long distances. Carries 2 Shadow Parasite fighters on wings.

Cargo-deploy Mode

Cargo bay holds Cargo Pod or Shadow Invader, Starcom Laser RAT, M-6 Railgunner, F-1400 Starwolf, Battlecrane vehicles.


Lasers: 2 Paralaser cannons - High-yield laser weapons on wing-mounted turrets.
EMPs: 2 Jolt Cannons - forward-facing, concealed electromagnetic pulse weapons.
Thermals: 1 Decimator Cannon - Rear-mounted Thermal (heat) ray weapon.

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