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Robot Drone is the all robot attack force of the Shadow Force of Emperor Dark. It is under the command of robot General Torvek.

Unlike the other divisions, they do not use a standard color scheme for their vehicles, as they seem to use the vehicles of the other two divisions. Their rank icons are white with black trim.

Records from the Series BibleEdit

These are non-sentient mechanical workers, who resemble humans in space suits - but only when sitting still. Any movement at all reveals their mechanical nature. Their gestures are stiff and somewhat slow, and their countless gears and rotors hum and click metallically.

While officially under the aegis of General Torvek, in practice each of Dark's generals commands as many of these versatile machines as needed, and they may be taken anyplace in the solar system. Specialized skills can be improvised as needed, and because they are not really alive, much less human, it would is acceptable to see them destroyed on occasion, should the needs of battle justify it.

The Robot Drones serve one other function, as clever as it is unnerving. Emperor Dark can use these Drones as his eyes and ears, seeing what they see and hearing what they hear. In this way he can spy on anyone of his people at any time - when the Drones aren't spying independently, which they also do.

General Vondar, General Torvek and Malvanna are constantly jockeying for favor, and none is above plotting to overthrow Dark. Each is capable of working with their own, so a mission that features one or all of them need not necessarily lead us to Dark.

In order to carry out their plans, the Shadow Force has amassed a frighteningly complete arsenal of super-vehicles. Not much is known about their capabilities; incomplete dossiers follow.

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