Col. Paul "Crowbar" Corbin
Biographical information
Rank O-5 Colonel
Occupation Astro Marines Commander
Affiliation Starcom
Battle Group Astro Marines
Specialty Battle Commander, Chief Field Officer
Weaponry M-9 RIP Rifle
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Blond

Colonel Paul "Crowbar" Corbin is the commander of the Astro Marines Battle Group, Starcom's ground forces. He's willing to throw the rulebook out the airlock when necessary, but in the heat of battle he leads his men to victory!

Records from the Series BibleEdit

Area of Expertise: Mechanics, Electronics, Robotics - when last tested reviewers were unable to present him with anything that he could not take apart and put together again.

Special Training: Colonel Corbin attended the Astromarine Academy at Fort Bragg Annex, Luna, where his scholastic record was only slightly above average. His astonishing mechanical talents seem to be inherent, their development due to his unique personality and intelligence.

Service Record: He was decorated several times for heroism under fire, and has received numerous commendations for his effective, if somewhat unorthodox, solutions to complex battlefield problems.

Background: Paul Corbin's father was an experimental agriculturist and his mother was a schoolteacher. He was raised on a terraformed farming colony in the rift canyons of Mars.

Psychological Evaluation: Practical joker, but never with intent to do harm. Crowbar relates more easily to machines than to humans, but his wild sense of humor and infectious cackle make him very easy to like. Because of his slightly maniacal nature, everyone was surprised when he was promoted to Chief Field Officer in command of the Astro Marines' battle-hardened ground troops and combat machines, but his almost supernatural skill at fixing and building things made the choice inevitable. Crowbar, like Dash, is willing to throw rules out the airlock when necessary, but his superiors know he will always be there when needed, and will always do his job.

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