Prof. Malvanna Wilde
Biographical information
Rank None (formerly a Commander)
Occupation Scientist, researcher.
Affiliation Shadow Force (formerly with Starcom)
Battle Group None (formerly under Satellite Command)
Specialty Physics, chemistry, computer science and bio-engineering
Qualifications None
Weaponry None
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Red

Malvanna Wilde was formerly a Commander with Satellite Command. In charge of the Mercury Research Colony at the time of its accidental destruction. Formerly presumed dead.


With Ph.D.'s in physics, chemistry, computer science and bio-engineering, Professor Malvanna Wilde seemed the perfect person to head the underground facility on Mercury. Looking to advance her career, Malvanna secretly deleted the one fact from her dossier that might have kept her from receiving the assignment - her rapidly failing health, weakened when she was accidentally exposed to an experimental virus.

At the tirne of the explosion precipitated by Dark's unsafe research, Malvanna was working nearby. The explosion left her trapped and on the verge of death when Dark opened the collapsed tunnel, unintentionally saving her life.

Exposed to the strange radiation from the explosion, Malvanna found that her failing health was somehow renewed. Stronger than she had ever been in her life, Malvanna vowed to unlock the secret of her rebirth - and that of Dark's power.

It was with her help that Dark built the Shadow Star, and someday Malvanna hopes to decipher the connection between the ship and Dark's power - and to steal that power for her own (Starcom Bible).

Personal TraitsEdit

Ruthless, strong and flamboyant, Malvanna is said to have a look of wild-eyed evil about her, and is outlandishly garish-looking, preferring capes and such to the standard military issue of the the rest of the Shadow Force. She is very good at political intrigue, constantly trying to destroy the ambitions of General Vondar and General Torvek, and seems to be afraid of nothing and no one - except for Emperor Dark (Starcom Bible).

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