Luna (or the Moon) is Earth's only moon. It houses an enormous recreational facility, and serves as a way

Luna as seen from space

station for Starcom and for the colonists both leaving from and arriving on Earth. Starcom has a large administrative facility and training area here (the Fort Bragg Annex) as well and a memorial park set on the site of the first Apollo landing.

There are also small, privately owned mining concerns, one of which is secretly controlled by Emperor Dark himself, through his Grand Trine Corporation. It is here that General Von Dar most often attempts espionage. Possibilities for counter-espionage are promising, so Starcom personnel have been instructed not to molest the facility. The generally seedy ambience has attracted a certain unsavory element to Luna.


Man first landed on the moon in 1969.


Footprint on Luna

Preserved footprints on Luna.


Most of the heavy industry that was based on the moon during its early colonization has been moved into space leaving many abandoned and minimally staffed factories and processing plants.