Lieutenant Kelsey Carver
Lt. Kelsey Carver
Biographical information
Rank Lieutenant
Affiliation Starcom
Battle Group Starbase Command
Specialty Information Gathering
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Blond

Lt. Kelsey Caver is Adm. Brickley's personal assistant, and her area of expertise is information. It is her job to see that the Admiral has all of the data he needs to make command decisions, and she does this very well. Level-headed and bright, she is also a bit of a rebel, and is her influence that keeps the Admiral from becoming too stuffy and allows him to let out the more adventurous side of his nature from time to time. She is efficient almost to the point of telepathy, and is always ready to match wits (and witticisms) with Dash. According to sources, she finds it both amusing and flattering that he and Slim compete constantly for her attention, and if she prefers one to the other, she doesn't say.

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