Col. John "Slim" Griffin
Biographical information
Rank 0-5 Coronal
Citizenship United States of America
Occupation Starbase Commander
Affiliation Starcom
Battle Group Starbase Command
Specialty Battle Commander, Chief Field Officer
Weaponry P-31 RAM (partial beam) Pistol
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown

Colonel John "Slim" Griffin is the head of Starbase Command, Starcom's fleet of space battle stations. He's all muscle, and his courage in battle has earned him the respect of Starcom commander Admiral Franklin Brickley - and the men "Slim" leads to victory!

Records from the Series BibleEdit

Area of Expertise: Weaponry, both modern and antique; Martial Arts. Background: His mother is a molecular surgeon, his father a behavioral physicist. Both parents hold the rank of Major, Starbase Command. Slim was raised on Earth, with his three brothers and four sisters; three of whom hold the rank of Captain, the rest being Lieutenants. Psychological Evaluation: Slim was given his nickname by Dash, because of his massive size. He's all muscle - large and extremely powerful. Despite this, he feels much more comfortable sticking to the rules, and takes authority seriously. He pays attention to details and doesn't like to take chances. His family's history of military service is a long and proud one, dating back to the Civil War when Ulysses S. Grant Field-Promoted Josiah Earl Griffin, making him the first black man ever to attain the rank of four-star general.

It is because of this heritage that Slim takes his job very seriously. Slim's general attitude toward the unexpected is one of having been betrayed: "That's not in the handbook!"

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