James Derringer
Biographical information
Rank O-5 Colonel
Occupation Star Wing Commander
Affiliation Starcom
Battle Group Star Wing
Specialty Battle Commander, Chief Field Officer
Weaponry P-29 Megalaser
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown

Colonel James "Dash" Derringer is the commander of the Star Wing Battle Group, Starcom's aerospace fleet. Colonel Derringer is the hottest pilot ever to fly for Star Wing.

Records from the Series BibleEdit

Area of Expertise: Piloting, Navigation. It is the opinion of this office that Colonel Derringer can ride, drive or fly anything ever born, built or discovered, from a horse to a starship. These abilities are assisted by what appears to be an unerring sense of direction.

Special Training: Colonel Derringer finished first in his class at the Airwing Flight Training Academy, Denver, Colorado, Earth, and graduated cum laude. He then received extensive post-graduate instruction in the Special Forces Flight School.

Service Record: Dash has received numerous commendations for flying skill, heroism and quick thinking and effective action under fire. He has been awarded a Gold Nebula with Cluster for valor during the recent police action involving the Asteroid Belt pirates. Disciplined only once -- for piloting a Microfighter through the Dover-Calais tunnel. The incident caused no damage to property or personnel, either military or civilian, and charges were dropped in light of his exemplary record.

Family Background: His mother is an airship pilot, his father a journalist. Dash and his younger sister spent the latter part of their adolescence on the newer of the colonies, recently set up on Amalthea, one of Jupiter's closer moons. It was just after Dash reached legal adulthood that the Obelisk was discovered on Mars. Needing to be a part of the momentous events unfolding, he joined Starwing, the flying division of StarCom, and earned his wings and a reputation as the hottest pilot in the force in an astonishingly short time. His promotion to Chief Field Officer surprised no one, as he is eminently qualified for the job.

Psychological Evaluation: Easy going and good-natured, Dash has a quick wit. He has a slight disdain for doing things "by the book" and is always willing to break the rules when it is necessary to save lives. He loves adventure, isn't afraid of danger, and, while he is very much a hero and oftentimes a maverick, is absolutely content with being part of this particular team.

His determination and courage are best summed up by his reaction to any assignment they are given, no matter how dangerous: "Let's get it done!"


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