Admiral Brickley
Adm. Franklin Brickley
Biographical information
Rank Admiral
Affiliation U.S. Space Force
Battle Group Starbase Command
Specialty Flag Officer
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color White

Adm. Franklin Brickley is the Admiral in command of the Ring Station.

Records from the Series BibleEdit

Profile: Adm. Buckley is a Bureaucrat. Headquartered in the Ring Station, Saturn, it is his special duty to oversee the activities of Dash, Slim and Crowbar. This is obviously not an easy task, but the Admiral bears up under his duties with grace and dignity. He is a good soldier, if a little overly concerned with regulations. It is the opinion of the Psych Team that in his heart of hearts he misses being out in the field, sharing in the adventure and sense of fun our heroes are so proud of.

While this situation is made easier by the fact that the Admiral is sometimes forced by circumstances to leave the safety of the Satellite Command Center to get directly involved in a combat situation, these times are extremely rare. Generally the Commander is required to remain very much in the background. According to reports this necessary inactivity causes him to come down hard on the three younger officers, but he occasionally allows some infraction to get by.

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